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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> members of parliament were locked down inside their respective houses. right now parts of central london are off limits to the public and the area where the attack happened is now a crime scene. u.s. homeland security officials say they have been in contact with their counterparts in the uk. america's alert level has not been elevated because of their attack, but travelers at sfo will see additional ploiolice officers patrolling the terminals in response to this attack. no change to travel procedures. authorities will patrol high-profile bay area landmarks and will be more vigilant in the response as well. visitors to the london eye ferris wheel were standed when it was temporarily shut down. some took videos and photos of the action below them. the decision to stop the wheel was part of the london eye's response to such incidents. >> today's attack comes one year to the day of that coordinated suicide bombing attack at brussels airport which killed 32
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people and injured 300 more. the perpetrators were linked to the group that carried out the november 2015 paris attacks. last june three suspected isis suicide bombers targeted the international terminal of istanbul's airport killing at least 36 people. last july bastille day, a man driving a truck killed 84 people injuring 434 others in nice, france. isis claimed responsibility for that. in all, at least 165 people killed in acts of terror in europe last year. today's attack highlights concerns about low-tech attacks on soft targets, and there are many in the bay area. >> the i-team's dan noyes interviewed san francisco's fbi top counterterrorism agent today. dan joins us now with the latest. >> larry and ama, this is the type of attack that keeps counterterrorism officials up at night. someone driving an suv and wielding a knife is very difficult to detect and very difficult to stop. i spoke with the head of the
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fbi's counterterror efforts here. he didn't want to talk about the soft targets we have, the tourist saufpots, but he tells the threat is real. >> on some level it must be somewhat frustrating that it doesn't take an elaborate plot, that it can be something as simple as an suv and a knife. >> and that is the scary part about it. that is why we try to get ahead of that threat. we call it left of boom. that's why we rely on the community to notify us when there is a potential threat of terror activity. >> you've heard the expression see something, say something. a neighbor talking about an attack, strange smells or sounds coming from a house, call the police. while london investigators are trying to nail down the motive and who was behind the attack, craig fair tells me it follows a recent push by isis to wreak havoc by any means necessary. so how do you stop attacks on soft targets here? i pick up that important question with the fbi coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> it seems like a near impossible task because there's so many targets everywhere.
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>> catch it beforehand, that's the key. >> we'll see you at 5:00. thank you, dan. oakland police arrested five people today wanted in connection with street robberies. sky 7 was over the scene east of 94th avenue in oakland this afternoon. they found a crashed car and detained five people. oakland police haven't said what specific crimes the suspects are accused of committing or when those crimes took place. we turn now to the weather. a wet morning turned into a beautiful afternoon. you see the blue skies behind us. we've got a live look from our sutro camera. you can see the clouds high above the golden gate bridge. however, more rain is on the way. >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see as larry pointed out we have mostly dry conditions right now. a few little spots of green are showing up there. whatever is there probably not even hitting the ground. down around gilroy it looks like there may be a little measurable rain. this is the view from our rooftop looking at mostly blue skies over the bay. it's 57 here in san francisco, 61 in oakland. that's the warm spot, if you
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will. upper 50s at mountain view, san jose, gilroy, 55 at half moon bay. on we go to a live view of emeryville. it's 57 in santa rosa, 61 napa, 59 novato, 61 in fairfield and concord and 59 at livermore. here's some forecast animation. starting tomorrow afternoon at 1:00, yes, that's correct, tomorrow afternoon at 1:00, we'll see the clouds beginning to thicken and move into the north bay. by late tomorrow night, really really late, just before midnight, we'll see rain more organized in the north bay ahead of a storm for friday and that storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. it will produce moderate to heavy rainfall. 0.3 to 2 inches of rain. gusty winds and both commutes will be messy. i'll give you a little closer look later. this morning's rain caused problems for commuters who were trying to get to work and school. a downed tree made a mess of
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things along alhambra valley road in martinez. in menlo park another downed tree proved to be challenging for students and parents. matt keller shows us the problem. >> reporter: this shouldn't have come as a surprise on oak grove avenue in menlo park during heavy rain, a giant oak tree fell across oak grove avenue just before 6:15 this morning. it knocked down power lines and blocked traffic right before the morning commute really picked up. >> there's a high school down this way, so in the mornings there is a lot of traffic here. we put out a lot of social media alerts to let people know the road was closed. >> reporter: no one was hurt but this wasn't the first time for such a massive tree to fall in the area. >> trees that big, it's not uncommon to fall in this area because there are so many several hundred-year-old oak trees but usually they don't make such a splash and are so public. >> reporter: the roadblock didn't stop mass from taking place at 7:30 at the church of the nativity just a few steps away from where the tree fell.
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>> act of god? >> i would say so. >> reporter: pg&e is working on getting another pole up and the lines restored, but i just checked the outage map and it shows that electricity is on in this neighborhood. in menlo park, matt keller, abc 7 news. at least one neighborhood got quite the wake-up call from last night's lightning. the napa police department posted this picture of a tree that was hit by lightning. no one was hurt. it is snowy and gray in the sierra. this is a live look at tahoe from our heavenly mountain resort camera. even more snow is expected there throughout the weekend. >> you can track this week's rain any time with live doppler 7. just download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts to get alerts where you live as they happen. new warning today about the damaged oroville dam. a team of experts is warning of a very significant risk if the main spillway is not operational again by the next rainy season. the warnings are contained in a
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federal report obtained by the associated press. repair crews have only a few months to make sure that spillway is in good enough shape for the next rainy season, which officially starts in november. however, the report does not specify the risk. one man is dead and another seriously hurt after a four-car accident in oakland this morning. the men had been involved in separate minor accidents and gotten out of their cars when they were hit by oncoming traffic. this happened on 580 near the harrison street exit. one man died at the scene, another has life-threatening injuries. police have identified the man who was behind that bizarre kidnapping in lafayette. we broke you breaking news coverage of the story yesterday. 26-year-old manuel bustos of pittsburg is facing charges for kidnapping, robbery, and burglary as wellas elderly abuse and auto theft. he broke into an elderly man's
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house to rob him and he took him to withdraw money from his account. the victim instead called police. officers then caught bustos in the parking lot of the bank. the owner of a popular vintage clothing store has been charged with selling clothing made from the skins of endangered animals. >> cecily hanson appeared in court today and vic lee is in the newsroom with the story. >> larry, cecily hanson was charged with nine counts of intent to sell parts of endangered animals. the d.a. says she did normal business in the main section of her store, but he says she had a back room operation where she sold the illegal items to discreet high-end clients. >> the raid happened in february of last year after an undercover operation here at the popular vintage clothing store, decades of fashion. federal and state game wardens seized 150 items which they
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determined were from endangered animals. >> leopard, jaguar, oselot... endangered turtles. >> reporter: hanson today appeared in court for arraignment. she told me she had no attorney and planned to defend herself and that she was innocent. hanson showed me a photograph of her mother wearing a leopard skin coat, the kind of item which she said was part of her collection and which she presumed was legal. >> anything that was done before 1972 was considered vintage. >> in court, the judge advised her to get an attorney. she said she wochuld. the arraignment was postponed. >> the possession of a body part or endangered species for sale with the intent to sell is against the law. >> he says it would have been okay for hanson to own the confiscated items, but adds they were for sale. >> the warden was actually able to try a leopard coat that was
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offered for sale for $4500. >> hanson's defense? >> i was totally unaware of that and so this is not intentional. >> now, if hanson is convicted, she faces four years and six months' jail time and a $45,000 fine. she comes back to court next month to be arraigned, presumably this time with a lawyer. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> she is charged only with misdemeanors, no felonies. you would think for this kind of a crime and given the number of items that were seized, we're talking 150 items, these would be felonies. >> that's right, but what she go was the absolute maximum charge prosecutors can give. at least that's what d.a. george gascon tells us, there are no felonies for the sale of endangered animals, only misdemeanors. strange, right, but that is the law. tuition is on the rise for some college students. find out who's going to be paying more next year. and one bay area school's
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efforts to keep ride shares like lyft and uber away from campus. plus. one of their highest value targets. >> the new details about the ban on electronics at airports, especially in light of today's attack in london. and when are sales on amazon not really sales? the consumer group that claims some sellers are not honest when it comes to value. and taking a look at our traffic. it's pretty heavy on the northbound traffic, cars coming toward
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time is running out on the city of oakland and alameda county to reach some sort of a deal to keep the raiders from moving. nfl owners could give the raiders conditional approval to move to las vegas during the spring meeting next week. many questions still remain about the vegas deal. the raiders have no lease deal, they have no land. then there's the issue who will pay the hundreds of millions of dollars of infrastructure costs. those costs were put at more than $450 million. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is heading to phoenix for those nfl owners meetings, which could determine if the oakland raiders stay in oakland or get the thumbs up to move to vegas. laura's live reports begin on sunday on abc 7 news. she'll also break any raiders news first on twitter. tuition will soon be going up for california state university students. trustees approved a $270 a year
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increase today to take the current tuition from just under $5500 to $5742. it's the first tuition hike in six years for the 23-campus system. you've heard of sanctuary cities, but now there's something new. a joint statement issued by a city police department as well as a school district to reassure undocumented immigrants. >> wayne freedman has the story from novato. >> reporter: the novato unified school district, another call to class, another day of mostly unspoken concerns for certain students who come from the figurative shadows. >> they're really scared. >> reporter: third grade teacher libby has at least one child of undocumented immigrants in their class. >> they're worried that their moms are going to be sent back or their dads are going to be sent back. >> reporter: hence this joint memorandum from both the school district and the police department. it's going home to all families in the statement. a restatement of immigration
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policies signed by the superintendent and police chief. >> immigration only offenses are not the role of the local police. >> so basically if they're in schools, they're going to be safe. >> reporter: the memorandum is an unprecedented move. it would be very unexpected in most school districts, but this one is a little different. almost half the students in the novato unified school district come from homes where english is a second language. >> i think the police and the school people have more things to do than that. >> reporter: in a county that cast only 16% of its vote for donald trump, no one who disagreed with the policy cared to talk about it on camera anyway. freddie did talk, however. he's an undocumented immigrant supporting a family and three children in guatemala. does he trust the novato police? >> i trust more here than san jose or richmond police. >> reporter: police say trust is the issue. without trust, they say, the undocumented would not report crimes against them and truly be
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victimized. in schools, it's more simple than that. they call it a mantra. >> i don't want to know. i don't care. any kid comes to our school, we're going to educate them. >> reporter: every day they can. in novato, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the battle over the proliferation of ride-share services has now reached an elite san francisco school. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with what the urban school is doing to try to ensure safety as more students use those services. >> well, the urban school is an elite private high school in san francisco. on any given morning, some students walk to school, others take the bus, but more and more rely on ride-share services like uber and lyft. so much so the school put your signs this morning saying no ride-share on this block. no pickup or drop off on page street between masonic and ashbury. now here's a view of that blocking question using google earth. now, urban is down here and
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below that, that street, that is where they don't want ride-share services. urban did not want to go on camera but did issue this statement. these services tend to stop right in the middle of the block, often on the very busy crosswalk that connects our two campuses, creating major safety issues. now, san francisco police tell us traffic and parking rules need to be applied evenly to all. it doesn't matter who the driver is. so this is more of an internal ask as opposed to something the city or police can enforce. the urban school clarifies to abc 7 news ride-share cars are welcome to use an established dropoff zone in front of the school just like private vehicles as long as they follow the rules and don't stop in random places. every good story needs a good story teller. >> and every day the boy would come. how many of you run like that? >> as part of the disney abc magic of story telling campaign,
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our own matt keller read "the giving tree" today in san jose joined by the earthquake's mascot along with san jose police officers and deputies from the santa clara sheriff's department. there was also a book giveaway. the shop with a cop foundation is launching a reading foundation at the school. matt presented a $5,000 check today to help the cause. it will help fund a summer reading program. great stuff. great stuff. all right. well, the rain has passed for now anyway. >> for now. it's coming back in just over 24 hours. looks like friday may be quite a washout. here's a look at current conditions on live doppler 7. it's nice and calm and there's a little moisture showing up on the image there, but for the most part we are under partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions. a winter weather advisory is in effect until 10:00 tonight. we expect 4 to 8 inches of snow
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above 4500 feet. looking at the northern sky, which is partly cloudy to mostly sunny, these are our forecast features. it will remain partly cloudy and dry through the day tomorrow, but showers develop late tomorrow night. overnight it's going to be rainy, both the morning and evening commutes will be affected friday by this storm. overnight look for clear skies mainly up in the north bay. it will be chilly with lows up in the upper 30s in santa rosa and napa. we'll see partly cloudy skies just about everywhere else and elsewhere outside of the north bay we'll see low temperatures in the mid-40s for the most part. then tomorrow a partly cloudy day. a little sunnier to the south and east, cloudier north and west. then things start to get a little stormy. the approaching storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity producing moderate rainfall with periods of heavy wind. most locations will receive rainfall totals from 0.3 to 2
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inches of rain. most of the day tomorrow will be dry. tomorrow afternoon we get cloudier skies and moisture starts to arrive in the north bay in the early evening and late night hours tomorrow. then overnight into friday we'll see the rain expand and intensify along with gusty wind. by noon friday, this will be the picture. yellow will receive moderate to heavy rainfall and downpours. that pattern continues into late afternoon friday. finally it starts to wind down late friday night. we project rainfall totals by 11:00 friday night will range from 0.4 in san jose to nearly an inch in san francisco, over an inch in oakland, napa, up to 2 inches in santa rosa. there's our wind gust animation starting 5:00 a.m. friday. by midday we'll see gusts well over 30 miles per hour in many locations and the winds will start to calm down friday night. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again friday's storm ranks
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2 on the storm impact scale. then we get partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies on saturday, a dry day. but more showers and rain come in on sunday and monday with systems ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. finally we get a spring-like breakout tuesday and wednesday as high temperatures rise under sunny skies into the low to mid-70s. >> nice. thanks, spencer. it's a hit! the two groups teaming up to raise money to help the homeless, and their special message for you. [ cheering ] >> big cheers as students get their shot to see the hot broadway
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the shark tank will not be hosting any hockey this weekend. instead it's the ncaa men's basketball sweet 16. games start tomorrow with the winners playing saturday in the elite eight.
4:25 pm
gonzaga and west virginia will start things off. then arizona and xavier completing the double-header. the wildcats and musketeers very familiar with one another. they played in the sweet 16 two years ago with arizona getting the win. >> to be here in the sweet 16 round two of the last three years against these guys, you know, i wish it was different but it isn't. now that i've said that, you know, the focus clearly is on both teams, the players, the great players on both teams. and i think both programs vying to stay alive and trying to advance. >> so you've got four teams and only one can advance to punch their ticket to the final four in phoenix. keeping the sports theme, san francisco giant fans have another reason to root for more runs this season. abc 7 news was at at&t park as the team and airbnb announced they'll donate $1,000 for each run the giants score at home this season. and the money is going to a great cause, to hamilton families which runs housing
4:26 pm
programs. after each run the team will display this banner asking fans to donate as well. a mom who overcame homelessness says every single dollar helps. >> what could 10,000 people with $1 do just today alone. to spend it on something that's going to happen like my children and i. >> they pledged to donate $300,000 this season. video of a little girl is making headlines after she met with the pope and tried to get a souvenir. there she is there. when 3-year-old stella was lifted up to meet pope francis, she tried to lift his hat. she tried to take it right off his head. video of the encounter was shared on twitter by her godfather. everyone laughed it off, including the pope himself, who got it back and continued on his way. this will be the greatest
4:27 pm
part of my ebay listing, thank you very much, mr. pontiff. coming out all the stops. democrats making one last plea before tomorrow's vote on the new health care plan. plus -- >> new insight about what led authorities to ban electronics larger than cell phones on some u.s.-bound
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. police in london say they're investigating today's attack outside the houses of parliament a an act of terrorism. five people are dead including a police officer and a suspected attacker. at least 20 others were hurt. this is the weapon that the suspect used, a car. as abc world news tonight tweets, the attacker drove into pedestrians along the westminster bridge before crashing into the gates of parliament. that's where the man was fatally shot by police. i-team reporter dan noyes spoke with the fbi about today's attack. special agent in charge craig fair told dan these attacks often happen with zero notice. at 5:00, how do you stop attacks on soft targets here? meanwhile, we're learning more about what prompted u.s. officials to ban electronics bigger than cell phones on flights from several overseas countries. marci gonzalez is live at l.a.x. with those developments.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: one airline is already enforcing this. the other airlines are said to be working on their compliance plans, as we learn more about the alarming intelligence that led to this order. the restrictions on electronics on u.s.-bound flights from eight middle eastern and northern african countries are based on new intelligence about isis. that according to sources who say officials are developing technology to target commercial airliners with bombs that look like everyday electronics. >> we know that our adversaries, terrorist groups in the united states and outside the united states seek to bring down a u.s. airliner. that's one of their highest value targets. >> reporter: in the past terrorists have hidden explosives in printer cartridges, shoes, underwear and last year in a laptop, blowing a hole in the fuselage of this jetliner. but now heightened concern about hidden explosives powerful enough to bring down a
4:32 pm
commercial plane. the new threat came in several weeks ago. authorities have been urgently vetting the intelligence ever since and conducting a series of tests to see how viable the threat is. it can be done, according to one source. that prompting the new emergency order from homeland security requiring that all passengers flying directly to the u.s. from the ten specified airports put all laptops, cameras, dvd players and electronic games in their checked luggage. >> the reason for the size restrictions comes down to the amount of explosive that is required to pen tralt the hull of >> reporter: great britain is instituting a similar plan. the changes for u.s.-bound flights are set to take effect on friday. live at l.a.x., marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. back to you. well, there's new legal action stemming from last june's pulse nightclub massacre, the worst mass shooting in modern
4:33 pm
u.s. history. families and survivors filed suit against the employer and wife of gunman omar mateen claiming they could have stopped him before the attack but didn't. mateen's widow, noor salman, has been charged with aiding and abetting her husband and remains in jail until she can be tried. the attack killed 49 people in orlando. just one day to go before the gop health care plan could face a crucial vote on capitol hill. president trump making an aggressive push to win over skeptical republicans, while democrats are taking this opportunity to talk up the affordable care act. here's abc 7 news reporter maggie rulle. >> reporter: democrats are marking the seventh anniversary of the affordable care act. >> protect our care. >> reporter: just one day before house republicans could vote to undo it. >> eliminating the affordable care act means eliminating an awful lot of things that people badly need.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: meanwhile republicans are calling in the big guns to make a final plea of their own. >> big vote tomorrow in the house. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, president trump and his team at the white house are pitching the republicans american health care act. >> there's plan a and plan a. we're going to get this done. >> reporter: one day after the president went to capitol hill, where behind closed doors the president telling congressional leaders they'd be fools not to support the bill, warning their next election is on the line. >> can you get the votes, mr. president? >> i think so. >> reporter: but the math isn't quite adding up. 22 republican no votes would kill the bill in the house, and by abc's count, at least that many republicans are on the fence. >> i have reservations, as i said. >> i don't think this legislation is consistent with what the american people sent us here to accomplish. >> reporter: trying to woo these reluctant members, house republicans have made changes to the bill, including giving states more flexibility over medicaid spending and promising to boost aid for older americans to buy insurance. even with a full-court press
4:35 pm
from president trump, many house conservatives are saying the bill doesn't do enough to lower premiums. after a meeting today, at least 25 said they were voting no, more than enough to kill the bill. california governor jerry brown was among the democrats today at that rally in washington, d.c. >> in california, we're not talking about a few thousand, we're talking about millions of real people getting hurt, getting diseases that will not be cured, having heart attacks, not being able to go to a hospital or get a doctor. this is a dangerous bill. it's written by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> jerry never subtle. he stole the show at the capitol hill rally marking the seventh anniversary of the affordable care act. democrats once again pressed supreme court nominee neil gorsuch during the third day of his confirmation hearings. today senator dianne feinstein questions gorsuch on his
4:36 pm
philosophy of originalism and how it influences his views on the rights of gays, lesbians and women. >> i want your two daughters to have every opportunity they possibly could have, be treated equal, be able to control their own bodies in concert with their religion, their doctor, whatever it may be. >> democrats also pressed judge gorsuch on a 2008 ruling on special education in which he decided a colorado school didn't need to pay a private school to educate a boy with autism. the game show icon who dominated in the '60s and '70s as died. chuck barris died yesterday of natural causes at his home in new york. he hosted "the gong show" back in the '70s but it was his creation of "the dating game" and "the newlywed game" that made him a force. later in life, he raised e
4:37 pm
eyebrows with his autobiography called "confessions of a dangerous mind" which claimed he was a cia assassin. he passed away at the age of 87. and our stage director tells us that the pilot for "the gong show" was filmed here. >> oh, wow. >> i think you and i are continuing the tradition. >> yes, definitely. >> on a daily basis. well, one woman hits the streets in an unusual effort to propose to her boyfriend. and it's an all-too-common problem. women are taking matters into their own hands to get those bothersome potholes filled. i'm spencer christian. we're looking at quiet weather conditions around the bay area right now but things are about to change. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just a moment as abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. packed streets in san francisco aren't anything new but the city is looking to uber and lyft for answers about the traffic. a supervisor introduced legislation that allows the at the to look at the trip data from the ride hail companies. he believes that data could shed light on how to relieve congestion. he suggests the 50,000 active uber and lyft drivers are clogging streets and pulling people away from public transportation. oakland residents are calling attention to the plentiful potholes that have opened up on city streets this winter. residents along thornhill road
4:41 pm
are spray painting arrows point out the potholes. they're doing this to warn drivers of the hazards and to show the city how bad the roads have become. >> it's great if they're going to fix the problems. we're always looking for road improvement in this neighborhood. sometimes we're ignored, sometimes it takes a long time. i know there's a lot of backlog of work. >> the city says it can't repair the potholes while it's still raining because the fix wouldn't stick, but they are working on their pothole plan for when the weather droies up and hearing from the community does make a difference. speaking of wet weather. >> spencer, more is coming our way. >> it doesn't look like it's going to be drying up in the immediate forecast future. right now we're looking at live doppler 7 showing partly cloudy skies and dry conditions for now but we have another storm our way. it won't arrive overnight tonight. we'll have partly cloudy skies overnight with low temperatures dropping into the upper 30s up in the north bay valleys. we'll see mostly mid to upper 40s around the remainder of the bay area. then tomorrow under partly
4:42 pm
cloudy skies for most of the day we'll see high temperatures rising into the low 60s for the most part, but those clouds will thicken late tomorrow and then tomorrow night the rain comes in. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a fairly significant storm coming in overnight tomorrow night into friday. it ranks 2 on the storm impact scale. it will be rainy and windy on friday. then we get dry and mild conditions on saturday. then it will start to feel like spring, sunny and mild early next week. >> sounds good. speaking of good, spencer had a special announcement on facebook. he posted a picture. lok, his newest grandchild, zachary, such a cutie. >> thank you. >> you posted that photo last night on facebook. >> yep. >> and little zach is getting a lot of congratulations. well, i guess they're congratulating you for him, but tell us about little zach. are we thinking pitcher or first baseman? >> i'm thinking center fielder actually. switch hitter.
4:43 pm
he weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces at birth so he outweighed his older brother noah who weighed just under 8 pounds when he was born two years ago. now noah will have to share the spotlight with a new arrival. zach is getting more hits on facebook right now than noah. >> don't want a family feud. 8 pounds, 11 ounces, he may be playing left tackle for somebody. >> no, i think we'll keep him in baseball. >> you'll get to see him soon hopefully? >> within a week i'll be there hanging out with both kids. >> more photos coming? >> absolutely. on facebook, on twitter, wherever we can post an image, we'll be there. >> excellent. congratulations. >> thank you. i'm obviously happy. help for south bay flood victims, but just who's being helped? and will that be enough? >> the key thing is if there's a line through it leaving you with the impression that the price that's actually being charged is a saving.
4:44 pm
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we're learning this afternoon a 73-year-old woman was beaten while she was riding
4:47 pm
a b.a.r.t. train in the east bay this morning. this happened just after 4:30 while the woman was on a richmond bound train between san leandro and the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. officials say she was struck in the head and briefly lost consciousness. she was taken to a local hospital. officers located the suspect at the station and they did arrest him. landlords were among the first to line up today to apply for low interest loans to repair apartments damaged in last month's coyote creek flooding in san jose. >> but the loans are also going to be important to businesses and their employees. david louie live at one such company in san jose. david? >> reporter: larry and ama, business owners are still trying to determine whether or not their insurance covers flood losses. they are at the stage now where they have had to stop production of their circuit boards because of floodwater damaging their equipment and inventory. the small business administration has now stepped in with some low-interest loans.
4:48 pm
lines quickly formed at san jose city hall where four represent aft representatives from the small business administration started taking applications for loans. today ends four weeks of worry and sleepless nights for julie sacks who owns four apartment buildings. >> we're going to get the places repaired quickly. when you don't have money and you have to go out and try to get separate loans from banks, it takes a while. >> reporter: homeowners can borrow up to $200,000 for repairs. renters and homeowners can borrow up to $40,000 to replace personal items. a $40,000 loan for 30 years at 1.8% is a monthly payment of $140 to $150. >> we're looking at about anywhere from 50 to 80,000 per unit because it was completely devastated. >> reporter: the loan process is
4:49 pm
fast. >> it's generally 10 to 14 days turn-around time that we can have the money into their accounts for homeowners and renteders. this may take a little longer because they need to get their p & ls and balance sheets together. >> reporter: besides structural damage he also lost $6 million in high-tech equipment so he is outsourcing orders while seeking an sba loan. >> they don't care if you flood or not, they want their board so i have to farm out the job to keep the customer. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. cocoa, the signing gorilla, needs some help. the woodside-based gorilla foundation is launching a go fund me campaign. they are hoping to raise $35,000 to fix the roofs on the facility's play yard and sleeping quarters. handlers say things are so messy, cocoa's buddy has been walking around with his hands in
4:50 pm
the air to keep them from getting wet. if you'd like to contribute, we have a link on our website, bb stores are clo they are shutting down nationwide. the company will now be an online only brand. bebe will try to close its 170 locations and do so without filing for bankruptcy. the company got its start in san francisco but is now based in brisbane. by contrast, starbucks is expanding. 25 years to the day after its initial public offering, they announced plans to open 3400 more stores in the u.s. they're already on every block. >> where is the room? >> where are they going to put more stores? it will expand by 12,000 across the globe. the company also expanded its pledge to hire veteran, now saying it will hire 25,000 veterans and their spouses by
4:51 pm
the year 2025. amazon is ramping up its effort to crack down on counterfeit products. starting april 1st, any brand will be able to register its logo and intellectual property with amazon. that way any fake listings can quickly be removed. this comes as they are cracking down on fake sales. as melissa mcbride found out, one consumer group said some prices include an inflated list price. >> reporter: amazon is the online retailer many people choose to get their goods, but a new study shows shoppers may not be getting something on sale but think they are. consumer watchdog claims the retail giant sometimes advertises a bogus list price. >> they're calling this a list price and it has a line through it, you know, suggesting that they're now selling it for $1,498 and that you save $101 so you think, golly, i've got a great bargain here. >> reporter: consumer watchdog john simpson said other retailers were not advertising
4:52 pm
amazon's list price. their price for the camera was the same as amazon's sale price. the group says that was the case on 1,000 of the 4,000 prices they checked. >> the key thing is if there's a line through it leaving you with the impression that the amount being charged is a saving. and they spell out you save. >> reporter: in a statement amazon says we validate list prices against actual prices recently found across amazon and other retailers, and we eliminate list price when we believe it isn't relevant to our customers. consumer watchdog believes amazon is engaging in false advertising and has petitioned the state attorney general and the federal trade commission to investigate. >> i have dealt with the ftc from time to time in the past. i have never gotten a response back from them that fast. sent it yesterday, got a response today. so i'll hoping they're really on this. >> reporter: amazon calls the consumer watchdog report misleading. melissa mcbride, abc 7 news. a woman in china got her
4:53 pm
man, but she paid a pretty penny to do it. the woman spent more than 10,000 yen or 1400 american dollars to place her proposal to her boyfriend on more than 900 taxis last thursday. the message read jong fong, i want to marry you. do you dare to mary me? the couple later met at a park where the woman proposed in person in front of friends and he accepted. apparently putting love messages on taxis is fairly common in china. students show off their skills onstage in san francisco. ♪ it's a special student-only viewing of "hamilton." the lucky kids who got the hottest ticket in town. kristen is here with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> the i want to marry you part is translated accurately i can
4:54 pm
see. what happens when a restraining order does not work? abc 7 news talks with experts after a domestic dispute turns deadly. putting on waders and special shoes, none of it for fun. the effort to save a species in the east bay. how youtube's advertising crisis just
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 it's the goldbergs, followed by speechless, modern family and black-ish.
4:57 pm
at 10 it's an all-new designated survivor and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. a new bay area students got the chance of a lifetime. they were invited to watch the musical "hamilton" at the orpheum theatre this afternoon. lucky! >> yeah. they left full of ideas, encouragement and of course starstruck. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez spoke to some of the attendees. >> reporter: student performers took to the stage to show off their skits, inspired by the musical "hamilton." >> we got to perform on stage, which is -- that's somebody's dream out there. it just became our reality. ♪ >> reporter: mt. eden high school in hayward was one of several bay area schools invited to perform and meet some of the cast members of the musical, like ryan vazquez, a san jose native. he plays the part of james reynolds. >> hopefully somebody out there is watching this who wants a career in the arts. maybe a little part of inspiring them to pursue that. so it's awesome.
4:58 pm
>> i play alexander hamilton. >> reporter: during the q & a portion, they got some advice from the pros. many of these students want to pursue a career in the performing arts. >> this is something that we like to do. and since we got the opportunity to do it, like even better, you know. >> to just persevere through everything and to take whatever steps you can take to just make a name for yourself. >> reporter: after lunch, no media, only students were allowed back insight the orpheum to watch the musical and get a thrill of a lifetime. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. and we are all counting down to national puppy day tomorrow. to get ready for our annual adoption event, share your puppy photos. we've gotten some great pictures so far. join us tomorrow starting on abc 7 mornings. we'll live stream our puppy cam all day long and tell you how you can take one home. >> so the puppies will be upstairs in the break room. we're going to get no work done tomorrow.
4:59 pm
everybody is going to be surrounding the puppies and play with the puppies. >> i love it. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. it was just coming across the bridge and we just heard a bang and saw three people in the road. >> chaos and confusion in london. the attack leaving londoners in shock and filled with horror. >> it also spot lights concerns about soft targets like the golden gate bridge. one expert tells abc 7 news the one thing that can help. protesters reach inside sheriff headquarters in martinez. what they want from the county's top cop. and -- >> what do we do? >> stand up right now. >> despite an energetic protest, cal state approves a tuition hike at all its 23 campuses. >> we were just coming across the bridge. we just heard a bang and just saw three people in the road. >> witnesses say a car was barreling down the westminster
5:00 pm
bridge hitting pedestrians. >> it was just coming across the bridge. then we just heard a bang and then we just saw three people in the road. >> just a terrible scene. london police are calling today's attack a terrorist incident. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. it's midnight right now in london, more than nine hours after a man terrorized the heart of the city. here's what we know right now. five people are dead, including a police officer and the attacker. at least 40 people injured after the attacker drove into them in a ca are treating this as a terrorist act. the incident happened in the westminster area of central london not far from parliament. more from abc news reporter molly hunter. >> reporter: chaos on the streets of london. police with their guns drawn as pedestrians run for safety. this eyewitness from utah telling us what she saw. >> we saw a lot of commotion, ambulances, policemen. thought it was a car accident at fit.


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